L.T.S: Leadership Transformation Series

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L.T.S Programme
Leadership Transformation Series

Programme Outcomes
The targeted business outcomes from this LTS programme are as follows:

  • Leadership Engagement Index – L.E.I
    To establish and improve Leader Engagement Index
  • Employee Satisfaction Index - E.S.I
    To establish and improve Employee Satisfaction & Motivation Index
  • Employee Development Index – E.D.I
    To establish and improve Employee Development & Performance Index


Programme Objectives:

  • To design and develop leadership practices
  • To design and develop leadership practices
  • To design and develop metrics to measure leadership effectiveness.
  • To provide guidance to manage the programme.
  • To provide training for the relevant participants according to specific leadership modules.
  • To provide back-stage and on-stage coaching.
  • To track and assess programme outcomes.


Programme Materials
These practical, easy-to-use material guide participants when managing & practising the LTS programme.


  • Leadership Manual
    A how-to and step-by-step procedure in conducting an effective leadership engagement with staff.
  • Staff Development Project
    Leadership templates for staff development journey :
    - Planning the journey
    - Recording the journey
  • Leader’s ToolBox
    For Leader’s quick reference before making leadership engagement with staff.