Transforming Self-Transforming Others

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“The most significant contribution leaders make is not simply today’s bottom line; it is to the long-term development of people and organisations so they can adapt, change, prosper and grow.”

Kouzes & Posner – The Leadership Challenge

Organisations therefore need managers/supervisors who not only have the capability to transform themselves to become leaders, but who are also able to develop others to transform themselves too. Our programme  titled ‘Transforming Self, Transforming Others’ aims to facilitate the development of supervisors and managers to become the transformational leaders that are needed  to ‘breed’ more leaders in the organisation.

Target Group

    Transforming Self, Transforming Others has been designed for two groups of supervisory and managerial levels in mind, namely Supervisors, Executives, & Assistant Managers, and in another group Managerial levels above.  This is to ensure effective transfer of knowledge, skills, and techniques for the two levels of expectations, and therefore the depth, scope, focus, and examples in parts of the programme differ.


    Transforming Self, Transforming Others is a two-day programme to train employees to take a longer perspective view of their leadership career within the organisation. This programme can also be combined with our other 2-day programmes for a modular leadership development programme geared for career enhancement and progress.

Programme Model
This programme is conducted based on the following modules:

At the end of the session, participants will be able to achieve the following objectives (as per module):
a)      To understand and internalise the importance of being a ‘Transformational Leader’ in navigating the organisation/ department’s strategic direction
b)      To understand the roles and responsibilities of ‘Transformational Leaders’.
c)      To identify tools and techniques in handling workforce transformation plan at department/ unit level.
d)      To enhance and sharpen leadership skills.
e)      To develop the Followership Transformational Plan for ‘Worker-Thinker-Partner’.

The Changing Mindset
From ‘Transactional’ to ‘Transformational’ Leaders

A combination of the following documents and folders will be given to programme participants to engage them in their learning. Using these documents helps participants retain knowledge and apply the techniques learnt.

a. Programme Folder & Notes
  • Notes on tools & techniques
  • Practical, tool-based acronyms
b. Certificate
  • Programme certificate
c. Programme Journal
  • Step-by step workbook
  • To record personal notes
d. ToolCard
  • Handy card on techniques & tools
  • Brief outline for easy recall
e. ToolBox
  • Handy booklet on notes
  • A simple guide to the tools & techniques