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Wan Mazlina Binti Wan Mustafa

VP, Human Potential Development
Malaysia Airlines

It was a great pleasure to collaborate with such a professional and highly committed team like Focus Learning Consulting. You understand our requirements to the letter and had responded promptly to most of our demands. In executing the program, you had also displayed exemplary behaviors, had built quite a rapport with Malaysia Airline’s management, and were easy to work with. We look forward to more opportunities to work with your team again in future.

M. Aminul Huque

General Manager, HR

We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to Focus Learning for such a good work and we have received excellent feedback from the participants. Focus Learning amused the attendees with their excellent presentation and handled the whole session in a very professional manner. We are looking forward for a strong business relationship with Focus Learning in the years to come.

Samir S. Ghazal

Human Resources Manager
Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Company Ltd.

We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to Focus Learning on the excellent feedback that we have received from the course participants whom were department superintendents and managers level. Focus Learning was on top of the subject and delivered the course in a very professional manner. Certainly, we are looking forward for strong business relationship of mutual benefits between Samref and Focus Learning in the years to come.

Amna Saif Al Mansouri

Vice President Human Resources and Corporate Support
Royal Jet, United Arab Emirates

I am confident that after this valuable learning opportunity, they will be able to practice and pursue for innovation in the day to day conduct of their duties, and ultimately help build an innovative culture that is continuously looking for ways to achieving business excellence.

VP Murugan

Training Manager
Texas Instruments Malaysia

We would like to thank Focus Learning for the exciting delivery of the training conducted in Texas Instruments Malaysia. The course leaders delivered the material very professionally. The trainer kept the participants fully engaged throughout the program by various techniques. We received excellent feedback from the participants. It is a great pleasure working with highly committed people like you. We are very happy with the progress to date and looking forward to continued collaboration for mutual benefits in the future. Thank you for the excellent support.

Ahmad Zuber Abdul

General Manager, Human Resource
Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad

I would like to take this opportunity and thank Focus Learning as one of our business partners in helping us enhance our customer service levels through the ‘Courtesy & Care’ program, the service excellence program that was specifically designed and customized to our organization’s needs. I am confident your program will benefit any organization that wishes to excel in customer service.

Pardi Kendy


Dear Pak Malik, I want to tell you again how much I appreciated your involvement in laying down strong infrastructure in our initial stage when launching Service Culture. As we all know in today’s competitive business environments, Service plays very important role to the success of almost all strategies. Our team is superior because of people like yours, thanks again for your contribution.

Soo Lik Heng

Site Manager

We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to Focus Learning for such good work in conducting 2010 Team Building Program (H.E.I.G.H.T) for our team members. We have received very encouraging and positive feedback from the participants. The course leaders amused the attendees with their excellent presentation. They kept the participants fully engaged through out the program by various techniques and in a very professional manner. It was a very great pleasure to collaborate with a highly committed team as Focus Learning. We are looking forward to future opportunities working with Focus Learning.

Shahidah Ridwan

Chief Executive Officer
Telekom Malaysia

I would like to record herewith an appreciation to Focus Learning who together with our team in TSSSB and Change Management Office (CMO) in TM, has developed Standard People Practise (SPP) for our Customer Service Representatives in Kedai Telekom. SPP has helped us quite significantly in improving our front liner’s customer servicing. The standardization across Kedai Telekom and the change in customer service were immediately felt by our customers. Customers are assured to meet friendly and knowledgeable staffs, besides getting the required service requested.

Hani Moustafa Hamdy

Senior Training Planner
HRD -Training Center, Dubai Municipality

The best training we’ve ever seen since few years , highly recommended.

Saad H.AL-Hazmi

Section Head,Training
Employee Services-Yanbu
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

Our event “Seven Innovation Tools” was conducted by Focus Learning consultant was extremely successful in large part because of your expertise professional trend in event handling and the outstanding service provided by the instructor. We look forward in future to do similar or better event. Thanks to all Focus Learning staff involved thereof.

Norlela Rusni Ramli

Human Capital Development Centre
Bank Negara Malaysia

On behalf of the team, I wish to inform you that our participants were highly motivated and inspired by En. Ahmad Tifley’s facilitation skills. We look forward to working with cheapest